TestimonialsWellness Coaching via phone or in person with the horses


“Susan’s guided exercises in mindfulness were powerful as I gained greater awareness, acceptance, and enjoyment of the present moment. My exercise with the beautiful horse with soul, was most amazing as she showed me the power of being open and honest with oneself and sharing what I needed — I felt that she “got” me!
The horse gave me hope that I could try a new approach that would result in positive change and growth. I felt a deep and real connection with the horse … and with myself.
Time well spent, as I headed home with greater clarity and understanding — ready to grow and practice the lessons learned from Susan and the horse.  Thank you for the incredible experience!”
Debbie Pedroil 


“Being a client from a  different culture can be hard and frustrating, but not with a coach like Susan. She made me feel at ease and comfortable with where I was in life.  Susan has the power and strength to evoke your transformation and hold your hand so you can move forward with your dream and life purpose. She is a lover, wonderful and supportive coach. “ Nisrin Orabi,  Executive Life Coach

“The tools in positivity that you have given me through life coaching sessions have had a greater effect in helping me to move forward in my life, beyond that of what a counselor or therapist could ever have provided.” Thank you so very much!”  Layla Funke

unnamed-4“Susan helped organize my thoughts and ideas into measurable and realistic goals. The sessions she provided, helped prioritize my goals, visualize them in a strategic way, kept me on track (because we all know how easy it is to get distracted), they are encouraging, and it was a great way to start my day! Sessions aside, Susan gave me some great resources, that I still use today, to help keep my motivation going. She is a genuine, caring, and an optimistic person. ” Danny Navidad

“The last three months was one of the lowest points of my life. I did not know what to do or what direction to go in.  I prayed and cried out to God. I asked if He could send me someone that would assist me regarding my career, someone with a heart to listen who would be able to really understand me and not judge me or tell me what to do or not do, someone who has a heart and spirit to guide me. I believe wholeheartedly that God led me to Susan. I am extremely blessed to be able to work with Susan at the most crucial time of my life. She has coached me using different techniques and has allowed me to understand what I truly value and desire in life. 

During our first session, I discovered what I value and how my values are currently prioritized. By the end of our first 2-hour session, I was extremely excited and full of joy. I continue to get revelations each day by spending quiet time meditating and focusing on what was discussed in the last session. We have narrowed down which direction my career should be moving toward. I am extremely grateful and blessed to be able to work with Susan. “Katrina Stubbs

 “ The facilitators, beautiful horses, and the breathtaking grounds made my experience at the retreat fun, interactive, educational, healing and enriching. I would make the scenic drive back to Eagle Pines Ranch for a new adventure there in a heartbeat!” J. Kennedy


“Susan gave me the utmost patience and understanding of the obstacles I am currently working on overcoming. I could feel her urge to guide me and keep me in the right direction from a genuine and peaceful place. After our session, I realized how amazing her talent is for asking the right questions at the same time. Susan allowed me to think and search within myself rather than telling me what my next actions steps should be. I feel empowered by Susan’s style of coaching!” Lauren Ruzicka

IMG_2855 “I am amazed at the clarity that I received in the short 45-minute session.   Susan was able to move through my stories and bring me to the next higher level. Towards the end, Susan was able to offer a suggestion to me that would have never thought would be a next step in attaining the life I desire. Susan impressed me with the intuition and rightness of direction that I experienced. ”  D. Pearson


“In just one session with Susan, I received clear insight into the areas of my life where I needed to focus and what my highest priorities were. What I appreciated most about this was that she used several different approaches to help illuminate those things for me and to look at my values, so that I came away with greater confidence in the results. I appreciated that Susan really listens and reflects back accurately on what she has heard and that she also shares her intuition. She provided some very powerful ways to look at my goals. I look forward to continuing to work with her.”  Jessica V.


Equine Assisted Learning for Youth

“This was a very good experience. I really enjoyed watching the horses bring the kids together as a team. I was so impressed with the educators and this facility. My daughter interacted with the horses and others in the group with such confidence. We’ll be back for more classes in the future. ” M.B (Parent of Participant)

“This is a great program to help groups learn how to interact and work together as a team.  The team learned new methods of looking at life situations and how to approach them.” Wendy Miller (Parent of Participant)

“I would love to come again! It taught me lots of good lessons! Hunter Ellsworth (Participant, age 10)

“I learned a lot about myself and my group! The leaders know a lot about horse and people psychology. They are great teachers! Casey Miller (Participant, age 14)

“The experience helped a lot with teamwork. The exercises are very fun! It makes my brain think. The facility is beautiful! Grace R. (Participant, age 12)

“Great exercises for learning to work as a team. : TME (Parent of Participant)

“This program was helpful to learn about teamwork, as well as horses and skills to learn in real life. ” (Participant, age 14)

Equine Assisted Learning for Adults

IMG_0543“My experience at Eagle Pines Ranch brought clarity to patterns of behavior occurring in my life. The horses mirrored my behavior and feelings and showed me what I am experiencing from the outside, looking in. It was powerful to hear Susan’s observations of how the horses were moving and reacting to me.  After leaving the ranch, I was aware of what I needed to work on in my life to grow and thrive in my future! ” Lauren  Ruzika

IMG_0514“I was challenged to dive beneath the surface of my normal thinking patterns, to dig deeper and look for something that wanted to present itself to me.  Another challenge was allowing that to happen.  And the greatest challenge was trust.  It’s not always easy to trust other humans in the world we live in, but there is something very special about Eagle Pines and the loving, caring, tender way that everything is tended to, including the human participant.  It is a place where you can trust that what is to unfold is what you need to learn about you, your life, and how you live it.  It was an incredibly wonderful experience.  I felt as though I experienced my authentic self, and I can’t wait to go back and be part of this again.” Debbie Pearson

Day Camp for Kids

“My kids loved their 2 days at Eagle Pines Ranch camp. They became friends with the horses, hugged them, walked with them and learned how to earn their trust. Each day their was an opportunity to share what they observed and learned about the horses and themselves. The kids also had the opportunity to draw and write about their experiences. How many summer camps inspire their campers to write and reflect?” M. Mudd (Parent)

“Great Camp! You learn a lot about yourself.” Joe (Participant)

“You learn patience. Dotty (the horse) is especially stubborn. This is a good camp for the impatient person.” E.T. (Participant)

“Today I learned that horses have a lot in common with humans. Today we had so much fun. We played with horses and did a lot of interacting games.” L. Dayan (Participant, age 10 )

“My day at Eagle Pines Ranch was super fun!! We played games that were really hard and we interacted with the horses. We found out the kind of feelings that the horses have and how calm we have to be around them. I liked it a whole lot. I love my experience at Eagle Pines Ranch! Sophie (Participant)

“Today was a great day. I loved having a new best friend, Brownie (the horse). I loved playing that game that we had to move the horses in between those big cylinders. I also learned how to communicate with the horses. You have to give them love and trust.” J. Antezana (Participant

Overall Experience of Eagle Pines Ranch

“Eagle Pines Ranch is similar to walking in Muir Woods National Park. It’s not an everyday experience. It’s wondrous! ” Mickey Mudd