Family photoBuild a Strong Family

Deepen family connections thru interactive, Horse Assisted Learning activities in a nurturing environment at Eagle Pines Ranch.
Through experiential exercises with horses, your family will work together on a common goal to:
• Develop strategies for resolving challenges
• Identify strengths and weaknesses
• Improve communication skills
• Set boundaries
• Overcome obstacles
• Deal with change
• Discover your family values
The Path to Self Discovery, Equine Assisted Learning approach focuses on Four characteristics for building a strong family foundation:
1. Commitment
2. Appreciation
3. Communication
4. Effective Coping Skills
It takes work to build a strong family, but the end result will be well worth it!
Family Sessions are available for 2 to 6 people.

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Disclaimer :
Horse Assisted Learning at Eagle Pines Ranch is not therapy or counseling. We do not diagnose or treat psychiatric disorders. If an issue arises that is beyond the scope of Coaching, I will recommend that you seek additional care from a medical professional.

School Groups photo

Schools Groups

Are you looking for a unique field trip for your school group where students can learn about themselves and others?

At Eagle Pines Ranch we offer fun, experiential learning programs with horses for kids ages 9 and up. Our interactive ground exercises with horses are led by trained professional facilitators who engage children to:

• strengthen their bonds with class mates
• identify healthy and unhealthy behaviors
• recognize and build on strengths
• improve communication skills
• comprehend respect, trust, and honesty
• increase empathy
• build confidence
• utilize critical thinking, planning and problem solving skills

Our programs are tailor-made to fit your school group’s needs. All of our programs are held in a beautiful outdoor ranch environment, surrounded by large pine trees and a spring fed lake. We have an indoor arena and temperature controlled meeting room.
(Note: No Horseback riding is involved and no horsemanship skills are necessary.)

Please contact us for more information about our Equine Assisted Learning programs for school groups.

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Team photo

Build an Effective Team

Team Building is one of the most important investments you can
make for your group. Trying out new things with your staff can
generate good vibes with your employees, which, in turn, benefits
the business itself. Choosing something unique and slightly
outside of their comfort zones can encourage them to come
together in new ways.
At Eagle Pines Ranch, our team building exercises are fun,
engaging and out of the box. We provide
the unique experience of working with horses to achieve a
common goal.
(No horseback riding is involved, and no horsemanship skills are necessary.)

Benefits of Horse Assisted Learning for Teams include:

• More Trust
• Less Conflict
• Enhanced Communication
• Increased Collaboration

The most successful and memorable team-building events are ones that don’t feel like a day at the office!

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