What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a powerful, supportive & dynamic partnership that moves you into the future you desire and inspires you to maximize your personal and professional potential. This process will help you dramatically improve your outlook on work and life, while improving your leadership skills and and unlocking your potential.

Susan offers confidential Life Coaching Sessions by Phone, Skype or in person at the Ranch utilizing a unique process of Horse Assisted Learning. She works with Adults and Children ages 12 and up who are willing to make positive changes in their life!

Working with a Coach helps you:

• Define where you are in all areas of your life
• Clarify what is most important to you
• Explore possibilities and choose solutions that are goal driven
• Uncover your obstacles that keep you from moving forward and discover ways to overcome fear and limitations
• Create a healthier, fulfilling and meaningful life
• Reconnect to your intuitive self
• Be responsible and accountable
• Set boundaries
• Increase your confidence
• Identify your emotions and learn to feel them fully
• Gain tools to continue your journey once our coaching relationship is complete
• Learn to live more fully in the present moment
• Tap into your unique gifts to help you achieve beyond what you thought was possible.

Would you like to learn more?

• Contact Susan to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session by phone or Skype to answer any questions you may have around Life coaching and to see if we are a right fit. or 636.629.1253

Ready to invest in You? Here’s what’s next:

• Once you purchase a package, you will receive a Welcome Letter, Life Coaching Questionnaire, and Coaching Agreement. Please complete and return to me the questionnaire and agreement. This give us the framework to work from and covers the details.

• Next contact me to schedule your first coaching session and begin work on your questionnaire to bring to the first session.

• During our initial meeting, we’ll take time to learn about what’s important to you, assess your challenges, opportunities, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes.

• Coaching requires you to come to the session prepared with a topic that you would like work on. Prior to your session, you’ll receive a coaching call prep form to help you clarify your goals for coaching. As your coach, I will empower you to maintain focus, increase your self awareness, promote fresh new insights and energize and inspire forward action.

Susan’s coaching process includes:

• Focusing on your mind set and inspiring your action within a framework of pure potential and possibility.

• Holding the highest vision for you and seeing you achieving your dreams.Acknowledging your strengths and gifts that you have to share with the

• Identifying your beliefs (or repetitive thoughts) that are working for and against you.

• Assisting you in generating new possibilities and perspectives and identifying actions

• Reconnecting you to your intuition

• When necessary, providing you with transformational tools to help you move thru specific life challenges.

• Providing you with homework in between sessions to support the achievement of your goals.

• Giving you extra support and accountability between sessions through e-mail. You may e-mail me any homework, “aha’s,” successes, challenges or thoughts… I am here as a sounding board. My hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30 am-5:30 pm CST.

Susan has worked with clients on a variety of life subjects including:

Life Transitions
Weight Loss
Anger Issues
Personal Development
Life Balance

You have everything within you to live a happy and peaceful life!