Our Staff:


Director and Co-Founder of Eagle Pines Ranch  

Susan is a certified Life Coach She is currently pursuing her Masters Degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of St. Louis.

Susan believes that horses can be excellent partners in teaching trust, assertiveness and leadership and other valuable life skills. She is a certified practitioner of Equine Experiential Education and Equine Assisted Growth and Learning. She has trained for many years with a natural horsemanship training specialist and continues to advance her horsemanship skills by learning new methods for facilitating safe and positive human/horse interactions

Through her education and life experiences, Susan has learned effective, holistic techniques for helping others gain more authenticity, strength and contentment in their lives. She is trained in mindfulness meditation and practices monthly with a meditation group. She works and lives  in the tranquility of Eagle Pines Ranch with her beloved husband, son, Australian Shepherd dogs and therapy horses.

Our Herd:

Here at Eagle Pines Ranch, we embrace the teaching power and spirit of the horse.  These gentle, intuitive animals see humans exactly how we are, not how we pretend to be.  They are masters at reading body language and energy. Without saying a word, our horses can teach you amazing things about living your best life.

Let our horses gently nudge you out of any negative thoughts and behaviors. These lovely creatures are models of living in the “now,” and therefore capable of allowing us to discover the beauty in each moment.

Our 3 primary equine teachers: Jedi, Jasmine and Godiva all have unique personalities. All have faced incredible — almost tragic – life challenges.  But today, our horses are happy and healthy, making a new life through meaningful work helping humans discover their full potential.  They demonstrate that no matter the challenges we face, we have the potential to heal and move ahead with confidence.


is our 21-year-old, lovable, large brown gelding. His gentle demeanor and trusting nature are surprising, given his history of neglect. By age 14, Jedi had multiple homes which finally ended with him being sold to a “horse broker” who in turn prepared him for shipment to Mexico for slaughter.  While sitting on a “kill lot” awaiting his fate, Jedi was noticed by an animal rescue group and saved.  We brought Jedi into our family in 2009.  He continues to teach us (and our clients) more about trust than any human could.





Jasmine 2Jasmine

is a brown and white paint with a distinctive flowing mane.  She was raised under a rough hand of abuse and neglect which made her fearful of men but her strong spirit and warm heart helped her to survive.  In 2009 she joined our family and formed and instant bond with our then 9r old son.  A child was the perfect conduit to help her heal.  Now 32, Jasmine still loves to work and play in her own gentle way.  Her calm manner has helped, both adults and children alike, to overcome difficult issues in their lives.





Godiva 2Godiva

(GoGo) was abandoned at an early age because an indiscriminate horse breeder did not like her color.  Thankfully she found a temporary home at a loving, safe and supportive stable. She joined our family in 2008 at the age of 3 and developed into an amazing dark chocolate color fitting her name, Godiva.  GoGo has matured into a beautiful confident leader.  Her high play drive and curious nature demands that you be fully present and have the leadership skills to handle her.






Canine Support Staff:

 The Ranch also is home to our well-trained Australian Shepherds, Hurley and Aspen. They are incredibly loving and supportive. They have a keen ability to sense exactly what you need, a calming dog at your feet, tons of kisses on your face or dropping a ball at your feet asking you to play.  Their ability to sense our needs offers them the unique opportunity to help relieve symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue and hopelessness. Be sure to spend time with our “canine support staff” during your visit to Eagle Pines Ranch, they will always bring a smile to your face!